Frozen meals: truths and lies - How you can throw or melhor I give frozen food

Nearly 7 from ten households consume frozen food at the least the moment per week. These meals are presented as very good candidates to replace and accompany fresh items. However, the high quality of the frescoes is usually assumed for being superior. Is it like that? Why are frozen ones more affordable? Do they shed properties, taste or texture? The following report solutions these questions, explains why the key to taste is in thawing and what are the advantages of frozen meals.


5 issues about frozen meals

1. Around 70% of households consume frozen food not less than when a week, as outlined by a joint study prepared from the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Foods Sciences (SEDCA) plus the Confederation of Shoppers and Consumers (CECU). The financial and time saving that the acquire of these food items supposes could be the major bring about in the enhance of their consumption, while they may be even now perceived being a worse high quality solution than fresh solutions.


2. Are frozen food items "worse" than fresh ones? Yes and no. Processing a food generally entails some alteration. The freezing, particularly, consists of the reduction of many of the organoleptic characteristics within the foods. Having said that, if the practice is carried out effectively, these losses are minimum and hardly obvious. Frozen food items can be kept for long periods, nevertheless they could also deteriorate in the event the refrigerator is not really ideal or if they're dealt with improperly. While in the situation of fresh meals, the journey from collection to consumption may cause significant deterioration.


3. Why are they cheaper? According to a well-known chain of frozen items, the reduce price is explained given that the foods offered for freezing is collected in occasions of better provide or abundance, with which its selling price is a lot more cost-effective. These foods are frozen and stored in wonderful affliction and by using a lower cost until consumption.


4. Frozen ones, do they get rid of properties? The freezing method hardly affects the dietary content material of the food. At present, the deep-freezing approach is utilized, which according to gurus ensures 100% of your dietary information. The meals is frozen as promptly as you can at temperatures that reach -40ºC. Within this way, the dietary properties and, also, the organoleptic attributes (taste, texture, colour and smell) are conserved. Though the loss of nutrients is nearly imperceptible, it have got to be remembered that there is generally a chance of altering a number of its qualities. This factor doesn't come about in fresh meals, while the loss of nutrients that may be expert from when they are collected and ready until finally they may be consumed may perhaps be equal to or greater than the alterations in the course of freezing. So, frozen foods securely and appropriately have practically nothing to envy the fresh.


5. Does the taste suffer? Does it influence its texture? Fruits, veggies, fish, meat ... All foods need to be frozen at their optimum time, not having alterations and beneath unbeatable conditions. For that reason, freezing will take spot shortly after harvesting, or processing, once they gather their most beneficial nutritional qualities. The role of the freezing system is decisive in the final end result: an outstanding method guarantees wonderful attributes on the foods, even though undesirable freezing supposes a significant reduction of nutrients, taste and texture. In this facet, it is actually crucial that you mention the homemade frozen. By not obtaining adequate techniques at your home, the fresh food items that we freeze can reduce nutritional top quality, the unique flavor and texture.


Defrosting, the important thing to an effective taste

The meals that may be obtained frozen comes from the industry and, due to the fact meticulous procedures are used in this place, the difference with fresh ones is barely perceptible. In fact, in the event the freezing course of action is proper, only an outstanding taster could enjoy any variation with fresh meals. Even so, there's loads of mistrust in the direction of frozen foods as well as client claims to observe differences in texture and taste. How is it explained?

•    The essential is while in the thawing of food and inside the subsequent preparation. The bundle directions need to be followed when the foods is cooked. A malpractice can suppose the immediate loss on the taste, its dietary qualities and its texture.

•    Never hurry to thaw, given that the final taste of your meals depends upon it. The recommendations indicated for the containers ought to be followed and, during the situation of frozen meals by the buyer, they should be thawed to begin with within the refrigerator and after that cooked.
It is feasible that frozen food will not reach our freezer in its optimum conditions, seeing that during the journey the cold chain may be broken and, in this case, the attributes with the solution are altered. Because of this it is actually recommended to leave for that end the get in the frozen ones and location them in cold immediately.

•    It may additionally transpire that the freezing time is exceeded, that may be, possessing the foods for also lengthy within the freezer. Despite the fact that they remain safe there, it really is preferable not to exceed six months or perhaps a yr, or the period indicated through the container.

•    By freezing foods ourselves, circumstances as efficient as in industrial freezing usually are not accomplished, to ensure that the high quality of foods will likely be decrease and losse.

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